Membership in Women in Endocrinology (WE) is easy and brings substantial benefits to you as well as helping our organization become more influential. To learn more about the benefits of membership, or for information on the process of becoming a member or renewing your membership, click on one of the items in the list below.

Member Benefits

Membership in Women in Endocrinology includes multiple benefits. Click on any of the links below for more information.

  • WE newsletter – Members will receive regular newsletters providing updates on WE activities and WE awards, as well as other news of interest.
  • Voting Privileges – Members elect WE Officers.
  • Networking – Members have the opportunity to gain leadership experience through appointments to WE committees and to establish a network of colleagues for advice, support and mentoring.
  • Young Investigator Awards – Members who are fellows and junior faculty and will be presenting at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting have the opportunity to apply for Awards in recognition of their scientific work.
  • Mentor and Service Awards – Members are encouraged to nominate individuals who have had an important impact on women in endocrinology to be considered for these annual WE Awards.
  • Career development resources – WE Members are provided with access to career development resources that are helpful to basic and clinical scientists at all stages of their careers.

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Join or renew your membership in WE

Secure On-line application to join or renew:

  1. To renew or join, please fill out the online Membership Payment Form.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation that payment has been made, and your membership has been processed.
  3. If you have any questions, please contact the WE Secretary Treasurer at

Important notes:

–          Membership runs from January – December.
–          Three membership levels available:
Full Memberships are available for Faculty, Medical and Industry ($50)
In training Memberships for Students, Postdoctoral and Clinical fellows ($25)
Emeritus Memberships for those retired ($25)
–          Membership in the Endocrine Society is NOT required for WE membership.
–          This site is secure for credit card payments..

DOLORES J. LAMB, Ph.D. (Incoming 2015-2016, Chair 2016-2019)
Urology and Molecular Cellular Biology
Baylor College of Medicine
1 Baylor Plaza, Room N730
Mail Stop 380
Houston, TX 77030-3411
Phone: 713-798-6266; Fax: 713-798-5577

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A primary purpose of Women in Endocrinology is to support the inclusion of women in the activities and governance of the Endocrine Society by bringing qualified women to the attention of Endocrine Society officers and committees. In addition, we encourage our members to volunteer to help with the running of WE.

If you are interested in becoming active in the WE committees or want to be considered for service on Endocrine Society committees, to review abstracts for the Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society or to serve as a reviewer or board member for one of the Endocrine Society journals:

For WE activities – your interest will be considered as we make new committee appointments to WE in the spring of each year.

For Endocrine Society activities – your information will be used in providing suggestions to the incoming Endocrine Society President-Elect for committee appointments and other service in the late summer of each year. If you are interested in volunteering for an Endocrine Society committee, you may also nominate yourself.

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One of Women in Endocrinology´s most successful efforts has been to increase the number of women elected to Endocrine Society office through nomination efforts of WE members and support of WE vetted candidates.

What you can do to help WE continue to succeed in this endeavor (in order of importance):

  1. Submit the names of the WE nominees on the Endocrine Society´s Call for Nominations form (due in late December or early January)
  2. Vote for the successful WE nominees on the Endocrine Society´s election ballot (due in the spring).
  3. Suggest individuals qualified for Endocrine Society offices to the WE Nominations Committee (all year).

1. Submit names of WE nominees to the Endocrine Society.

Each Fall, the Endocrine Society mails a “Call for Nominations” form to their general membership requesting nominations for Endocrine Society officers. If you do not already have candidates whom you support, save your nomination form until you receive the slate of WE candidates. The names and a brief description of our candidates´ qualifications are provided each year in our Fall Newsletter as well as on the WE website.

Endocrine Society Bylaws require that candidates be nominated by 1% of the Endocrine Society membership to be put on the ballot. For example, in 2000 each nominee needed about 100 nominations. Hence each submission makes a big difference.

2. Vote for the successful WE nominees on the Endocrine Society’s election ballot.

The Endocrine Society sends each Endocrine Society member a Ballot containing the names of all successful nominees for Endocrine Socieity Office. Consider voting for the WE candidates.

3. Suggest individuals qualified for Endocrine Society offices to the WE Nominations Committee.

WE actively and regularly solicits suggestions for nominees for Endocrine Society offices from our membership.

  • Suggestions can be sent at any time but are especially welcome in the early fall (September – October).
  • Each nomination should provide the name and contact information for the nominee and a description of their qualifications for the position suggested.
  • Send your suggestions to the Chair of the WE Nominations Committee:

Jingjing-Kipp2JINGJING KIPP, Ph.D. (Chair 2016-2017)
Department of Biological Sciences
DePaul University
206 McGowan
2325 N. Clifton Ave
Chicago, IL  60614
Phone: 773-325-4646

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