1975 – First women’s caucus of women ES members

1978 – Rosalyn Yalow, first woman to be ES president

1991 – Bylaws of Women in Endocrinology approved

1996 – Obtained major corporate funding for
• establishment of a WE web site
• establishment of the WE mentor award

1996 – First WE travel awards

1996 – Established the WE mentor award (1st awardee was Neena Schwartz)

1996 – Established the WE Awards Committee to select mentor and travel awardees.

1997 –  Incorporated Women in Endocrinology and established Tax Free Status
• Ammended by-laws as recommended for by legal counsel

1997 – Established the WE web site –
• established the WE Communications Committee with primary responsibility for maintaining and updating our web site as well as communicating WE events/news to the Endocrine Society

2008 – Neena Schwartz ES History of Endocrinology “A Lab of Our Own: Historical Perspectives on the Contribution of Women to Endocrinology”